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Street Photography for the Purist by Chris Weeks

Street Photography for the Purist by Chris Weeks

The 160-page long photo album is out and is FREE to download.  It features works from 10 street photographers. An excerpt from Chris Weeks’ Preface below –

“I think it was Mr. Cartier-Bresson who said, “A successful street photograph – or any photograph for that matter – is when eye, mind and heart come together.”

I may agree with him although I hardly ever do on many things.

For me street photography is not only going on my own – often solitary – photographic quests but looking at other’s work. By looking at this work I can tell much about a photographer. His or her worldview comes to mind the most. No matter your worldview I think the successful street photographer should leave his or her politics at home or on their blog. I don’t believe they should intersect one’s work documenting chaotic life on the street.

The best work is unforced; it comes naturally; moments either happen or they don’t.

Or … your skills of observation need honing and practice.

Then and only then will you discover that there are no laws or rules – except, of course, having to do with exposure and composition.

Develop the eye of a fetishist voyeur. A spy. A ghost. A voyeur spy with a great eye.

Even though many of the photographers I’ve chosen to contribute with forwards – myself included – have made photographs of exotic locales, I find that there is actually more mystery in places one knows intimately.

Open your eyes.

Go for a walk.

Right in the middle of the chaos.

Find your photo. Then find another. Don’t force it. Just go and see and make photos of the history happening around every single one of us. It’s out there.”

Link to download site here.

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