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This service can only be performed by Nikon service centres. Please be aware that all camera settings will be reverted to their default settings once this service has been performed.

Expansion of the buffer memory is performed with a fee (HK$3,900). Please contact your local service centre for the cost. This service takes approximately two weeks; user will be informed if more time is required.

Please direct any inquiries regarding this matter to your nearest Nikon service centre or call 2907 1122.

Nikon 日前便宣佈為相機提供升級快取記憶服務。此項升級主要提升相機高速連拍的張數,以拍攝 14-bit 的 NEF 原始檔為例,便由 16 張提高至一口氣可拍攝 36 張,因此不難推算快取記憶容量約有兩倍的增加。用家可到 Nikon 的服務中心為相機進行升級,費用為 HK$3,900,約需時兩星期。

查詢︰2907 1122

Number of shots after buffer expansion

Number of shots after buffer memory expansion

Source – DC Fever, Nikon


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