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”The exhibition is about the relationship with the people I meet.
I like photography, especially shooting on strangers and I like the moments with new faces.
Through the lens of my camera, we met together and see each other.
It tells we live together in the same country, the same world, though we don\’t know each other.
I could express myself and communicate with others through the camera without barriers.
I feel pleasure in the moments with the strangers, and always wonder I was so close to them.”
– Menu Tsai

About the Artist:
Menu Tsai was graduated in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in Multimedia Design.
She is currently an interactive designer at a local digital agency.
She is also a free artist and is active in photography, illustration and drama performance.
In 2007, she has been joining Jubao Concept, a local group working on drama promotion concept,photography,graphic and web design.
This is her 1st exhibition to the public.

Date: 26 September 2008

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Venue: Cluture Club, 15 Elgin Street



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