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Alan Chui Photos Exhibition – Faith‧hope love 信‧望愛 will be held at Culture Club Gallery from 15 Dec 08 – 10 Jan 09. Details please refers to

Special Opening Reception in Memory of Alan on Dec 18(thu) 630-830pm.

The second exhibition of Alan Chui represents his tenacity and passion for his true love of photography. Despite his illness, Alan Chui has never once surrendered to the illness. He fought the monster head on, with much determination and courage. He once said, ‘Having a terminal illness is not a sad story. What is a sad story is when one loses hope.’

This exhibition – Faith. Hope. Love was planned by Alan Chui in September. All the thirteen pieces shown were handpicked by him. Some of them were taken when he was healthy and some were taken during the last stage of his illness. His dreams have not ended with his unfortunate passing but they have just begun in another world.

About Alan Chui

Alan’s burning desire to take good images and his dream of having exhibitions of his photography works have not stopped, even after Motor Neuron Disease (also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) took over his body. His spirit lives on.

Despite his short life span of 30 years, Alan has bought important messages to everyone through his photographs and his philosophy of life. Alan once said, ‘Having a terminal illness is not a sad story. What is a sad story is when one loses hope.’

Alan is extremely blessed to have another opportunity to hold his second and perhaps his last exhibition at the same place where his debut exhibition was held. Through his lens, the exhibition allows him to once again express his courage, determination and passion for his true love of photography to the public.

Since his childhood, it has always been Alan’s dream to show his photography works. His dream was finally realized in July 2008, ironically after he was diagnosed with the terminal illness, when his solo exhibition ‘Persistency’ was held at the Culture Club Gallery. The exhibition was very well received by the Hong Kong public. The public felt connected to Alan and appreciated his works.

It was the support from the public that fueled Alan’s creativity and encouraged him to hold another exhibition – the one he didn’t live long enough to see. Although Alan is no longer with us today, his message about not letting adversity and illness prevent him from doing the things he loves continues in our heart.

Source – Toby via AYPA Forum


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