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The review of the Canon 5D Mark II is up on Camera Labs.  But the fun read out of the whole review is the notes on the “black dot” issue of the 5D Mark II and the following is the extract (note my highlight in italics).

“The biggest issue facing the 5D Mark II is hopefully a temporary one: the infamous black dot issue reported by many early adopters. This affects images with very high contrast subjects, typically a saturated white area next to one that’s very dark. Typical examples include lights on city views at night, bright stars on astro-photos and seasonally enough, Christmas Tree lamps. The artefact appears as a very dark mark alongside the bright, saturated area, and you can see an example here from an image we took with the Mark II. The effect appears with or without Highlight Tone Priority, Auto Lighting Optimizer and Noise Reduction, and also exists on the RAW data. At the time of writing Canon has promised a response, and we can only hope it involves a firmware update and not a recall. If you take the kind of photos which could be affected and like to view them on-screen at 100%, then you’ll want to wait and see how the situation develops. If however the effect doesn’t bother you, or you rarely take images it would affect, then it may not be an issue. Certainly it did not appear in any of our standard indoor and outdoor test shots including those on our Gallery and Results pages.”

Link to full review here.

Source – Camera Labs

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