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dsc022371Thanks to a great guy on the DCHome forum, I finally got hold of the Ricoh self retaining cap LC-1 converted for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.  Much work was put into scrapping and sanding the cap down to fit the LX3 perfectly.  According to this guy, he got the idea from one of the Japanese camera forum in which he saw other guys doing the same conversion but in a much more primitive way, that being just plainly sawing the cap down and that results in a not so tight fit connection between the lens and the cap.

Woot to the guy and no more lens cap problem for me.  The cost, HK$160.00.  For more details, check out his post here on the DCHome forum (Chinese).





  1. Great looking lens. Best job I’ve seen so far of this conversion. Do you have the contact info for Wolf. I can’t find it off the DC home forum. Perhaps because I can’t read Chinese! Thanks.

  2. This looks great! So much better than the ones where they tape foam padding to the inside of the lens. Do you know how I could buy one?

  3. Hi, I bought my LC-1 early in the year, but haven’t gotten around to modifying it. How did you sand the cap down to fit the LX-3 threads? The bayonet mount on the LC-1 is kind of complex with several grooves. So I don’t know where to start to shave it down…

    Can you give me some hints? Thanks.


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