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Monthly Archives: February 2009


Despite its 40 years of history, Blocks 8 to 14 of the Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate will cease to exist when the barriers are set up to encircle and block out this huge area of seven housing estate buildings for demolition. We shall no longer see the old folks sitting around in small groups on their well-worn stools, chatting idly in the long corridors, recalling their lives to each other; we shall no longer hear the ice cafe owner’s loud crying voice, perhaps hawking “$3 for a Pineapple Bun, Big and a Real Bargain”; and furthermore we shall no longer smell the odours wafting out from the distant old herbal medicine shop. All these in the near future can only be traced in memories. In a bustling city such as ours, it was Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate and its peers, their grassroot living style and their community spirit, which had edged out the personality and the essence of the city. And this was precisely the unique indigenous culture of Hong Kong.

Public Housing Old Estates – Their Culture and Spirit

In the early morning, as sunlight shone through the grille walls of the stairwell and fell on the building corridors, the old folks with white hair were already gathered on the open grounds. In tens and scores they lined up neatly, engaging in the same postures, striking a slow and even tempo; they were doing their tai-chi shadow boxing, the Luk Tung Kuen. The long corridors and the spaces around the stairs on each floor served well for group activities and acted as a playground for the kids. When there were days of sunshine, multi-coloured blanket-cases and woollen blankets would hang on the rails on the ground floors of the estates, forming beautiful patterns, as if they were public display items of installation art. If one had gone up the buildings to visit a resident, one could find that many units have different styles of metal gates on their doors, the patterns and designs nostalgically recalling the picture-frames of the old days. Painted in different bright colours, this is creative folk art, and home-decoration with a personal flair.

The short scenes outlined above will remind us of the TV show “Below the Lion Rock”. It may be possible to infinitely rebroadcast the show, but if we do not preserve the culture and spirit of the large old housing estates, these scenes will completely disappear as the buildings are torn down. When we came to a certain point in history, we might turn our heads, but unable to locate any trace of the old community culture – what a regrettable loss that would be. Without a past, how could a city look forward to its future.

A Collective Art Creation Instigated by the Private Sector Itself

We hope to use the opportunity of this final Resettlement Housing Estate, before it succumbs to being torn down, to document the rich and multi-faceted story of Hong Kong and its Public Housing development history. “Lower NTK Estate Dinner Bell – Resettlement Estate Farewell Exhibition” has gathered together 9 artists who deeply cherish local culture, and they will present the indigenous living style and spirit to the viewers through photographs, videos, illustrations, sounds, installation art and text, in a multimedia format to present an authentic culture and spirit of the estate. They will make use of the public gathering places of the local residents – Hing Kee Tea Restaurant, Yuen Fat Noodle Shop, an old-styled barber shop, and a traditional votive paper offerings shop – as their display venue. They have prepared a farewell “9-course banquet” to say goodbye to the days of the resettlement estates, and to share such memories with you.

The Starting Point for Public Outreach

Months and years went by, with their moving stories of how Hong Kong people arduously struggled through their hardships, and in these we have rediscovered the core values of the “Hong Kong Spirit”. We hope to use this exhibition to interview 69 persons who once lived in resettlement estates, to let them tell us their own touching stories. With their oral histories we will try to capture the Hong Kong living style and spirit.

A collective memory is not the only aim of this exhibition. The further goal is that there can be an exhibition started and organized by the common folk, the residents, the public and the community, and through the exhibition to link together more members of the public. The result is to reconstruct the facts of people and events so that they would not be obliterated, to show forth the energy of people and the magic of local culture. All good things must come to an end, they say. We sincerely invite you to respond the “Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate Dinner Bell”, to experience, or to re-tell, the story and culture of resettlement estates, and let it be preserved and be shared with the coming generations!

Iman Fok Curator

Date: From 1 March 2009 until “Going Out with a Bang”

Opening Ceremony: 13:00(Guests only) 15:30(Open to Public) on 1 March 2009, Play ground next to Hing Kee Tea Restaurant

Venue: Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate, Block 10, Ground Floor, Hing Kee Tea Restaurant, Yuen Fat Noodle Shop, and Ming Sing Co.

Curator: Iman Fok, Tin Man

Exhibitors: Juno Chan, Hang Siu, Da, Martin Chan, Patsy Chan, Terris Choi, Mon Chan, Simon Go, Stell So, Cally yu and Happy Action

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Updated: 25 February 2009

US$199 for the MiniTT1, US$219 for the FlexTT5

[19 February 2009]
According to Pocket Wizard’s website, the Canon version will be released 1 March 2009 and the Nikon version in quarter 2.  No news on Sony version for the time being, major bummer.

Source – pocketwizardvids

Click pic for full exhibition details

Click pic for full exhibition details

For more information, visit or


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This traffic accident, which ended with an explosion took place around the corner to where I live. Luckily have my Panasonic LX3 with me.  Took this brilliant shot with all AI mode.  Cannot stress enough, always carry a camera, at least a compact so you don’t miss those shots of your life.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Vanity Fair 2009 Hollywood Portfo…“, posted with vodpod

The latest issue (March 2009) of the Vanity Fair is out and in this issue, Annie Leibovitz again struck gold with yet another great celebrity portfolio shoots, this time with actors and directors right before the Oscars.  Check out the behind-the-scenes videos above.  Enjoy.

Source – Vanity Fair

Great video featuring pics by Eyal Landesman, a great portrait photographer that specializes at theatre and dance.  For those who need an inspiration, be it in their daily work or stop motion video, this surely is a great video to watch.

Music by Oren Lavie.

Source – Oren Lavie via QuarterPastWonderful via Shroedinger’s Puppy

陳紹文攝影同學會, 麥柱發攝影同學會 協辦



譚惠寧 麥柱發 余偉誠 李徳成 梁繼堯 陳玄武
陳紹榮 曾家傑 梁志衡 鍾文略 翟偉良 溫勵程
何寶甜 黎文光 陳燦光 任  霖 梁家泰 陳紹文
閔善昌 陳凌雲 馮漢紀 陳一年 陳達仁 梁  波


題目(1):黑白攝影佳作賞析 (主講 陳紹文先生)

題目(2):黑白攝影潮流漫談 (主講 陳一年先生)

時間:下午六時三十分進場 七時至九時四十五分講座


查詢電話:溫勵程 (9216 0441)
索票地址:深水埗南昌街129號A地下 仁豐公司及2月13, 14日展覧場詢問處
網上登記 留聯絡電話,姓名

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Image from Digital Camera

Image from Digital Camera

The results of the Photographer of the Year 2008 from Digital Camera Magazine is out.  This year’s winner, Tan Choon Wee of Singapore.  Click here for the full read and check out winners from different categories as well.

Source – Digital Camera

自 Sony 推出全球最高像素 DSLR-A900 全片幅數碼單反後,業界對相機及鏡頭的質素及解像能力從此有了新定義。要配合 2,460 萬高像素的 DSLR-A900,自然少不了一系列高質 Carl Zeiss 及 G 鏡頭的配合。為了向各會員提供一個試用新器材的機會,SONY(新力)香港有限公司及 將會在本年 2 月 21 日(星期六)於九龍灣國際展貿中心舉辦α900「 最美麗的一刻」人像攝影技巧講座及試影會。活動內容主要包括攝影講座,請來專業攝影師 Charles Cheung 向大家分享拍攝人物的經驗及心得,令各位能夠更深入了解 α900 的性能以及增進攝影方面的知識。

另一方面,大會更請來多位專業模特兒,提供多個主題的場景以不同造型供大家親身感受包括 α900 在內的多款 Sony DSLR 型號,以及各款 α 頂級鏡頭所帶來的各種卓越效果。只要大家登記成為 會員,並且登入以下網址登記,即有機會出席今次的α900「 最美麗的一刻」人像攝影技巧講座及試影會。試影會名額 300 名,如登記人數超出試影會名額,大會將以抽籤形式選出參加者,有意參加的會員請盡早登記﹗

For more information, go to DCFever’s link here,

Source – DCFever

Click pic for the full view of the pic

Click pic for the full view of the pic

Saw this on one of the local photography forum.  Found the Gigapan system used pretty interesting and some really unreal resolution.  Check out the pic yourself.