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Monthly Archives: March 2009



[Updated: 30 March 2009] For a more complete review on the Strobist Lighting Seminar DVD, check out this post from Lighting Mods.

[15 March 2009] Just received the Strobist Lighting Seminar DVD package from Strobist via UPS yesterday.  8 DVDs altogether.  Just finished disc 1 and half way through disc 2.  Will update more when I’m done.

In the package –

  • Disc 1 – Lighting Gear for Beginners (Excellent coverage from cameras, flashes, to DIY snoots and umbrellas.  Very informative).
  • Disc 2 – Morning Session Part 1
  • Disc 3 – Morning Session Part 2
  • Disc 4 – Afternoon Session Part 1
  • Disc 5 – Afternoon Session Part 2
  • Disc 6 – Bonus Material – Conference Room Headshot, Swimsuit Portrait, Kendo Practitioner, Pool Portrait
  • Disc 7 – Bonus Material – Lighting Indoor Basketball, Mountain Bike Shoot
  • Disc 8 – Bonus Material – Group Shot, DIY Macro Box, Sunset Sunflower

Source – Lighting Mods

Wow, real disappointing results with the all new PocketWizard Flex TT5 Mini TT1 when compared to the RadioPopper PX.  The series of videos (8 altogether) indicated that the new PocketWizards only have an effective range of 120 ft. or so in TTL mode whereas the RadioPopper PX have 600+ ft. (another 100+ft. in manual mode).

Source – TriCoastPhoto

“The Verve of Light and Shadow: Master Photographers Tchan Fou-li, Kan Hing-fook, Leo K.K. Wong”

Thematic Galleries (1) & (2)
29 March 2009 – 26 October 2009

“A Salute to Masters” Programme Series”

Hong Kong Photography Series Exhibition I

Emphasising the artistic quality of the photograph over the subject matter, pictorialism was a mainstream movement in the development of photography in Hong Kong from the 1950s to 1980s. Influenced by Western photographic art, local pictorialists looked to create painterly effects to express a fine art sensitivity; at the same time, nurtured in deep-rooted Chinese culture, they blended Eastern elements into their works. The result was a unique photographic aesthetic. Active since the heyday of pictorialism, Tchan Fou-li, Kan Hing-fook and Leo K.K. Wong are three pivotal figures in this movement who have produced outstanding achievements in photographic art and garnered acclaim both in China and overseas.

The first exhibition of the “Hong Kong Photography Series” is both a tribute to this trio and a retrospective on their lifelong artistic achievements. By providing a comprehensive account of their interpretations of aesthetics as well as of their artistic ranges, the exhibition also aims to explore the relationship between photography and art and in the process reflect their spirit of innovation and perseverance.



回顧香港的攝影藝術發展,從1950到1980年代可說是畫意攝影的天下。香港中西文化兼容並蓄,畫意攝影家既受西方攝影風格的影響,追求在攝影中表現繪 畫的意境,亦深受中國傳統文化的薰陶,從而建立了獨特的攝影風格。其中活躍至今的中堅份子當數陳復禮、簡慶福及黃貴權,他們的攝影藝術成就超卓,在國內外 均享有崇高的聲譽。


For more info, go to the following link,

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 25 March 2009: Canon announces the new 15.1MP EOS 500D which offers photographers an outstanding combination of features. Following the launch of the first Canon EOS camera to shoot movies – the EOS 5D Mark II in September 2008 – Canon now brings Full High Definition (HD) video capability to consumers in a compact and lightweight DSLR.

The new EOS 500D features a 15.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor – ideal for large detailed prints or enormous cropping possibilities. For shooting in near-dark conditions, the EOS 500D offers a high ISO sensitivity up to 3200 which is expandable to 12800, giving photographers the power to shoot in the dimmest light conditions. Outstanding noise reduction is made possible by Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor.

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sal1635dsal1635d-tiltshiftRemember I posted up the above pics on my earlier post, First Look Pics from the Sony Carl Zeiss 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM. Well, used it as a testing shot for the tiltshiftmaker and WOW, loving it.  Give it a try, it’s free.

Link to tiltshiftmaker here.

Now that I’ve indulge myself in the world of off-camera flash (blame it on Strobist), I’m now considering which trigger system to get.  For those who have been following me on this blog, I’m on the Sony/Minolta system and been using the Sony A900 for the past four months.  With Sony/Minolta’s proprietary hotshoe, it is a real pain getting anything from the main stream.

Well, back to the trigger system.  Pocket Wizard always been considered the industry standard.  Here in Hong Kong, we can get them but would need a foreign passport holder to do so for some ridiculous radio broadcasting regulations.  Price, as other countries are steep as hell for the PW Plus II.

Another new system that came out last year is the RadioPopper.  The system is so cool that it enables EttL, groups, ratios and high speed sync as well.  The down side is that they are not shipping outside of United States for the time being and that the new PX transmitter and receiver cost a bit more than the Pocket Wizards.

What’s left for me seems to be the Elinchrom Skyport system.  Am currently looking into it hard, googling every review I can over the net.  The reasons why I am so psych on this system is because –

  • 32 channels in all;
  • syncs up to 1/1000 sec;
  • 500ft outdoors and 164 indoors (though a third of PWs, still good enough);
  • price wise; HK$1,380 you can get a set of one transceiver and receiver and additional receivers cost HK$790.  Better yet, if you’re thinking about getting the Elinchrom RXBi 500 To Go Set (HK$11,000), one of the best deal studio strobes on the market IMHO, you’ll get the transceiver for free.

Will update more here once I decided on what I’m getting, so stay tuned.

Front view with my Sony A900

Front view with my Sony A900

Side view

Side view

Top view

Top view

Got this lens for two weeks now and been out shooting a bit the past two weekends.  Initial feeling towards the lens – great F/2.8 lens at this range, not a fast lens, great for portrait but okay with sports.  Tamron Hong Kong now offering firmware upgrade to the lens but they can only do so by sending the lens back to Japan and it will take up to four weeks in doing so.  Reviews on the firmware upgrade from the local forums indicated that the lens focus a lot faster and more quiet.  Think I’m going to check it out after my two trips next month.

Will post up some pics I took with the lens later this week.  So far I can say, for a third of the money in getting the G lens from Sony, I’m happy with this Tamron.

Image from Photography Bay

Image from Photography Bay

According to Photography Bay and MacNN, a possible upgrade to the Canon 450D might pop up next week at one of the Canon event.  Rumored specifications includes –

  • 15-megapixel sensor with a DIGIC IV processor;
  • supporting ISO levels up to 12800;
  • LCD with 900K resolution; and
  • 1080p video recording???

Guess we’ll wait and find out.

Source – MacNN, Photography Bay

Nice video, take a look.

Source – Marc Silber

The Really Right Stuff L-Plate for Sony A900

The Really Right Stuff L-Plate for Sony A900

Ordered my Sony A900 L-Plate (US$140) from Really Right Stuff last Friday and received it yesterday, nice and fast service (well, US$33.74 shipping, LOL).  Slipped it on today and took some pics.  Initial feeling: nicely built, sturdy and works perfectly when switching from landscape to portrait.  No more resetting the ball head and recomposing.  Well worth it.

In Landscape Mode

In Landscape Mode

In Portrait Mode

In Portrait Mode

The Sirui G-20 BallHead

The Sirui G-20 BallHead

As for the ballhead, Really Right Stuff’s BH-40 seems to be the best fit but given the US$300+ price tag, too steep for me.  Went down to Sham Shui Po today for a spin and found the Sirui G-20 ballhead for HK$550 (US$70) at Ying Kee, and it worked perfectly.

Source – Really Right Stuff