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Warning: Now this is deep. Read the following questions before you play the video.

Who am I as a photographer? What is my voice? I don’t even know what it means but it keeps me up at night. What is my vision? What is my goal? What do I bring to the table that countless others have not already served up on this massive platter of visual polution we create each and every day?

Who am I? What is my goal?

This video is the most played across countless photographers’ blog the past two weeks.  The intro features a short babbling monologue from Zack Arias, a music photographer.  The actual video starts around 1:35 into the video.  The above are the excerpts from the first part of the video, questions that most photographers have. Now go ahead and watch it.  Enjoy.

Wait, finish the whole video, there are some silence segments in the video, just keep watching till the end.

I watched it a couple times and I am totally speechless.  Share your thoughts and your views for the questions asked in the video as each would perceive them differently and you never know, it could be helpful to your fellow photographers here.

Source – usedfilm aka Zack Arias


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