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Now that I’ve indulge myself in the world of off-camera flash (blame it on Strobist), I’m now considering which trigger system to get.  For those who have been following me on this blog, I’m on the Sony/Minolta system and been using the Sony A900 for the past four months.  With Sony/Minolta’s proprietary hotshoe, it is a real pain getting anything from the main stream.

Well, back to the trigger system.  Pocket Wizard always been considered the industry standard.  Here in Hong Kong, we can get them but would need a foreign passport holder to do so for some ridiculous radio broadcasting regulations.  Price, as other countries are steep as hell for the PW Plus II.

Another new system that came out last year is the RadioPopper.  The system is so cool that it enables EttL, groups, ratios and high speed sync as well.  The down side is that they are not shipping outside of United States for the time being and that the new PX transmitter and receiver cost a bit more than the Pocket Wizards.

What’s left for me seems to be the Elinchrom Skyport system.  Am currently looking into it hard, googling every review I can over the net.  The reasons why I am so psych on this system is because –

  • 32 channels in all;
  • syncs up to 1/1000 sec;
  • 500ft outdoors and 164 indoors (though a third of PWs, still good enough);
  • price wise; HK$1,380 you can get a set of one transceiver and receiver and additional receivers cost HK$790.  Better yet, if you’re thinking about getting the Elinchrom RXBi 500 To Go Set (HK$11,000), one of the best deal studio strobes on the market IMHO, you’ll get the transceiver for free.

Will update more here once I decided on what I’m getting, so stay tuned.


  1. ey victor, where can I get the RXBi 500 in HK?

  2. thanks a bunch!

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