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“The Verve of Light and Shadow: Master Photographers Tchan Fou-li, Kan Hing-fook, Leo K.K. Wong”

Thematic Galleries (1) & (2)
29 March 2009 – 26 October 2009

“A Salute to Masters” Programme Series”

Hong Kong Photography Series Exhibition I

Emphasising the artistic quality of the photograph over the subject matter, pictorialism was a mainstream movement in the development of photography in Hong Kong from the 1950s to 1980s. Influenced by Western photographic art, local pictorialists looked to create painterly effects to express a fine art sensitivity; at the same time, nurtured in deep-rooted Chinese culture, they blended Eastern elements into their works. The result was a unique photographic aesthetic. Active since the heyday of pictorialism, Tchan Fou-li, Kan Hing-fook and Leo K.K. Wong are three pivotal figures in this movement who have produced outstanding achievements in photographic art and garnered acclaim both in China and overseas.

The first exhibition of the “Hong Kong Photography Series” is both a tribute to this trio and a retrospective on their lifelong artistic achievements. By providing a comprehensive account of their interpretations of aesthetics as well as of their artistic ranges, the exhibition also aims to explore the relationship between photography and art and in the process reflect their spirit of innovation and perseverance.



回顧香港的攝影藝術發展,從1950到1980年代可說是畫意攝影的天下。香港中西文化兼容並蓄,畫意攝影家既受西方攝影風格的影響,追求在攝影中表現繪 畫的意境,亦深受中國傳統文化的薰陶,從而建立了獨特的攝影風格。其中活躍至今的中堅份子當數陳復禮、簡慶福及黃貴權,他們的攝影藝術成就超卓,在國內外 均享有崇高的聲譽。


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