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《光采舞台》Light on Theatre

18 Apr | 8:00pm
Academy Recital Hall
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts



講者Richard Pilbrow經歷過這五十年舞台和製作藝術的演變。他是世上頂尖舞台設計顧問之一,除了是舞台、電影、電視監製之外,也是舉世知名的作家和英國先進舞台 燈光設計的先驅。他在1957年創辦Theatre Projects,自此之後,該機構發展成世上不可多得的舞台設計顧問公司,參與的製作數量過千項,遍及56個國家。


Lecture in English

Dramatic changes have occurred in stage lighting since the 1950’s. Artistic and technological advances, and improvement in the status of the lighting designer have contributed to lighting playing an ever-larger role in productions around the world. Nowadays this revolution in stage lighting only accelerates.

The speaker, Richard Pilbrow, has lived through these five decades of development. He is one of the world’s leading theatre design consultants, a theatre, film and television producer, an internationally known author and a pioneer of modern stage lighting design in Britain. He founded Theatre Projects in London in 1957. Since then it has become the pre-eminent theatre consulting organization in the world, with over 1000 projects in 56 countries to its credit.

Free tickets will be distributed at the Academy Box Office 30 minutes prior to the event, first-come, first-served.


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