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Image from Culture Club

Image from Culture Club

Every single day we are busy with our work, our study, our own business. We don’t have enough time for our family, friends and the ones we love. How can we take the time to care about everything around us? Should we stop for a while & look around?

Life isn’t always normal, as long as we keep using our imagination, finding and discovering new things in it, then insisting to make imagination comes true, we’ll realize life is full of surprises….

I never used my heart to appreciate the beauty of the world, before I started taking pictures with cameras. After that, I loved to go everywhere for taking photographs of everything, I discovered everything around me was so interesting, unique and beautiful, just as the Art works, I need to capture the moment. If I miss it, it will be gone forever.

Sometimes people gave me strange looks when I’m shooting something that seemed to be nothing to them. But I’ll keep taking my pictures, because for me they are valuable to capture. Some people love to write diary for memory of their life, but I love to take pictures, because it make my memories more real, everything shows up again!

I’m not good at expressing myself, but the pictures will allow me to meet a lot of friends from different countries and they’ll know me more from my pictures. I hope you do so when you see my exhibition, I love to share the world from my eyes with you!

Lomography has the golden phrase “Don’t think, just shoot!” But I hope you’re not thinking that way, because I took all my pictures with my heart. So Lomography isn’t just about snap shots only… that’s another point I want to make in this exhibition.

Molko Chan

For more info, check out Culture Club’s Facebook page here or their website,

Exhibition starts 11 May to 6 June 2009

Venue:15 Elgin St.(lower), Soho, Central

Map to Culture Club

Map to Culture Club

Source – Culture Club

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