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Shortly after releasing their NEX line mirror-less camera, the NEX-3 and NEX-5, Sony announced the all new NEX-VG10, the world’s first consumer interchangeable lens HD camcorder which utilizes the same E-mount lens. Like the NEX-3 and NEX-5, this camcorder can use the alpha lenses as well by using the alpha-mount adapter. The NEX-VG10 will start shipping this September at just under US$2000. For a complete preview, check out this article over at

Thanks Maverick for the video link. This baby is looking sweet.

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For those who are interested in finding more about the camera, check out this online operation guide at the following link,

For full download of the operating instructions, download it from this link,…gh1english.pdf.

Canon HF11

Canon HF11

Canon HG21

Canon HG21

Canon this week announced the new upgrade to their camcorders line, the VIXIA line which features the all new HF11 and HG21 to replace the existing HF10 and HG10 models.  The HF11 will feature 32GB onboard flash memory and the HG21, a whopping 120GB Hdd to match that of Sony’s.  Both camcorders will incorporate a 3.32 megapixel CMOS sensor together with 12x optical zoom. What’s also new is the capabilities of achieving the 24Mbps ceiling for AVCHD compression for both the two new cams.

Both camcorders will be released this coming August at an indicative price of US1,300.