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PASM Workshop is now carrying a number of photography accessories for photop enthusiast. If you want to order, send your email, contacts number and number of quantities needed to

RPS Studio Speedlite Accessory Kit (HK$495) is designed to fit most popular speedlites on the market today. The kit allows photographers to improve the quality of the light from small flash units.

The RPS Studio Speedlite Accessory Kit features grid spots for creating dramatic effects. Also included is a reversible silver/white bounce reflector, and a red gel filter (Additional gel filters may be purchased). All of these accessories are mounted to a speedlite via the included mounting frame that attaches to all speedlites via hook and loop fasteners which are included.

The mounting frame has adjustable click stops to keep it at the desired angle for either bounce flash or to position a filter and/or a honeycomb grid. You can also quickly move the grid or filter out of the way for standard flash photos. The mounting frame folds up flat for easy storage.

Consisting of a mounting frame, three honeycomb grid spots (30°, 40°, and 50°), a silver/white reversible bounce reflector and a red filter, the Dot Line RPS Studio Speedlite Accessory Kit enables you to better control the spill rate and reflective qualities of your on-camera flash.

For Glare Free LCD screen viewing… Checking your histogram, composition and focus outdoors is easy with Hoodman’s HoodLoupe. HoodLoupe is worn around your neck just like a normal loupe. When it is time to review your shot; bring Hoodloupe up to your image and place your eye up to the eye cup for complete glare free viewing. HoodLoupe has a +-3 diopter to accommodate those with less than perfect vision. HoodLoupe adjusts focus just like a binocular eye piece… you turn the eye piece in or out to set for your vision. HoodLoupe’s precise German glass optics give you a 1 to 1 ratio for true LCD screen viewing. Each HoodLoupe is encased in a user friendly rubber for comfort and protection from bumps that will occur throughout your shoot. Comfortable lanyard and compact protective storage case included. Fits up to 3.0 inch LCD screens.

PASM Workshop is now selling them fo HK$700 for pickup at PASM ($730 including shipping), for more info, see the following video:

In addition, we have the Hoodman Eyecup for Canon and Nikon camera (HK$235, $250 including delivery)

For more info, check out our Facebook page,!/pasm.workshop

Date & Time:
07/01/2011 – 12/01/2011  From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 

《號外》雜誌二零一一年踏入三十五周年誌慶。多年來,《號外》積極推動香港文化及啟迪社會的創意, 一月我們將舉辦文化界盛事「創想生活節」,當中《影像都市》攝影展是揭幕重頭活動,這個攝影展以城市影像生活紀錄作為主題,展覽將展示來自專業攝影師、視覺藝術/跨媒體創作、演藝界知名人士等多個界別的攝影作品。

VENUE: 4/F Pao Galleries
TICKETING INFO: Free Admission
INFORMATION: Programme information provided by: 《號外》雜誌

PASM Workshop ( is running a November special on the Phottix Neo One GPS. List price HK$980, PASM member price HK$845 (while stock last), email your order to, deadline tomorrow.

Source – PASM Workshop

Phottix and PASM Workshop announced today the PHOTTIX PASM One Shot Portrait Shoot Competition.

Welcome to the PHOTTIX PASM One Shot Portrait Shoot Competition. In order to celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of PASM Workshop (PASM), we here at PASM have come together and organized this fabulous portrait photo shoot competition with Phottix as our major sponsor. We hope you all can come participate and see how you fare in th…is competition. We believe the format is quite exciting, similar to the concept from the TV series, “The Shot”.
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Meet the Artist at the Opening Reception on Dec 16, 7-9pm, Everybody is Welcome!

Start Time: Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2:30pm
End Time: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:30pm
Venue: Culture Club, 15, Elgin St.(lower), Soho, Central, Hong Kong

All the way from a place called “The Wirral” in the North West of England(about 10 miles north of Chester), Andrew Cattrell came to Hong Kong over 20 years ago and was immediately fascinated by the striking architecture of the city. Initially working as a computer draughtsman on projects that included the Exhibition Centre, the Hang Seng Bank and the HSBC building, he went on to study Interior Design. During this time he developed his skills in Photoshop, discovering the benefits of creating composite elevations and perspectives as well as the general power of the program. His skills eventually surpassed the needs of interior design and led to his current passion. In the bustle of city life we don’t always find the time to notice and appreciate the beautiful architecture that surrounds us.

His aim with this project is to give a fresh perspective to iconic buildings of the Hong Kong skyline and inspire us to look again.

You can see his work here,


For their Facebook event link, click here.

Source – Fashion World Talent Awards


After 4 months of planning, 6 grueling weeks of renovation, PASM Workshop finally opened its door on 24 October 2009.

In a nutshell, PASM is not just another photo studio or workshop, PASM is a unique new community where people of like minds and common interests can join together to share their passions and inspirations.  PASM is a dimensioned space containing infinite ideas.  Not only for photographers, PASM is for artists and educators from across the creative spectrum.

At PASM you’ll find a fully equipped professional studio with the latest equipment from Elinchrom, Skyport, Alien Bees, Profoto and much more.  Our 1,300 square foot studio features a 19 foot by 38 foot lane (that can be subdivided) along with 14 foot ceilings and a 450 square foot outdoor terrace (also suitable for shooting). Our Partners, Associates and Staff are ready to offer you whatever support you will need during your project.

Whatever images exist in your brain, at PASM they will become reality.

Our shooting lane can be easily converted into

(a) two 18ft. wide and 18 ft. long shooting lanes for small group or product shoots;
(b) one multi-purpose teaching area (seats 16 persons) equipped with projector and other teaching equipment and a 19ft. wide and 19ft. long shooting lane for live demonstration and practice (great for photography courses);
(c) the make-up counter linking together with the multi-purpose teaching area forms a great teaching platform for makeup / styling courses; and
(d) one large lecture room (seats up to 50 persons) equipped with projector and other teaching equipment.

Fore more info, check us out at the following links –

We are situated at Workshop No. 5, 2/F, Laurels Industrial Centre, 32 Tai Yau Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong (5 minutes walk from Diamond Hill MTR).

PASM是一間佔地1,300平方尺的新式 studio,更附設450平方尺的露天平台。我們擁有完善的設施,如一流的攝影區 (19尺寬,38尺長,14尺高),還配備了兩個座位及設施齊全的化妝櫃檯,以應付所有化妝和造型之需要。


(二)一個可容納 16人的多用途教學區,配備了投影機及大型銀幕,和19尺寬乘19尺長的攝影區,可作現場示範及練習場地,適合舉辦大型的攝影課程;
(四)一個可容納 50人大型的演講室,配備了投影儀等教學設備。


我們位於新蒲崗, 大有街32號, 泰力工業大廈 2 樓, Workshop No. 5



Click pic for more information, registration start at noon tomorrow, hurry up, only 300 slots.

Image from Schoeni Art Gallery

Image from Schoeni Art Gallery

Vernissage: 5 September 2009, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Exhibition Continues: 6 September 2009 – 21 September 2009

Venue: Main Gallery, 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

Schoeni Art Gallery is proud to present art photos by Karl Lagerfeld in collaboration with Baystar Hong Kong Photo Production. The charity exhibition will feature a limited collection of 45 art photos produced by Karl Lagerfeld and Adnan Taletovich – a professional fashion model and photographer – for the very first time in Hong Kong and Asia. Adnan Taletovich has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld in numerous photo shoots for Karl Lagerfeld’s men’s clothing campaign and “Photo KL” perfume. This rare photograph collection not only features familiar faces of world renowned models such as Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen and Patricia Velasquez, but also reflects the artistic style and mastery of a great designer and artist – Karl Lagerfeld.

Many of the images in the collection were shot at Karl Lagerfeld’s residences in Paris and Monte Carlo, in the 1990’s. The images embrace an extravagant mystery quality with ultimate elegance and sophistication, which echoes the power and poise so distinctive of Karl. In one of the street scenes work, the production team managed to get a street closed for shooting in the Le Marais district in Paris. The almost theatrical scene aims to relive 19th century with Kristen McMenamy dressed in the typical androgynous style. A few of the works in the collection also reveal off-scene jovial moments captured through the eyes of Karl Lagerfeld, including one with Helena Christensen playfully pulling off Adnan Taletovich’s towel.

Source – Schoeni Art Gallery