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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Workshop No. 5, 2/F, Laurels Industrial Centre, 32 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong 新蒲崗, 大有街32號, 泰力工業大廈 2 樓, Workshop No. 5

David Hobby, the founder of Strobist (, gave us exclusive permission to screen part of his 10-hour long Strobist Lighting Seminar DVD (

In this screening event, we will be screening the part on the Conference Room Headshot which is recommended by David Hobby for this screening. According to David, “that was designed as a progression through several basic techniques, and is a pretty good self-contained module”.

At the screening, there will be a lucky draw where we will be giving away Rosco Cinegel Swatchbooks ( and Rosco Strobist Gel Pack ( These gel packs are color gels specially for shoe-mount flashguns.

In addition, Victor will also be displaying his collection on some of the Strobist equipment he acquired in the past years which includes products from HonlPhoto (; Lumiquest (…. etc.

For more info on the event, please head over to PASM Workshop’s Event Page,


Been looking at this Interfit STR102 Mini Beauty Dish Reflector for quite some time and finally found the knock-off at Ying Kee in Shamshuipo for HK$168. As for the results, well not bad for a mini-dish, best if added off-camera above subject tilting down aiming at subject but have to be real close for a tight portrait, otherwise, you wouldn’t see much effect.


Manfrotto 322RC Joystick Head

Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head

Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head

Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head

Manfrotto 685B Monopod

Manfrotto 685B Monopod

Manfrotto 685B Monopod

Manfrotto 685B Monopod

Got these two awesome gears for my arsenal two weeks ago and took them out shooting a few times, the result, ultra steady on my Sony A900 and even better with the Canon G10.


The reason I chose the Manfrotto 685B monopod over the others available in the market is that from all of the research I did, this one matches my need, i.e. being able to extend and retract at the fastest speed possible.  My believe was further confirmed by the following two videos which I found on YouTube and Luminous Landscape.  The YouTube video is a review of the monopod from Yuri Arcurs, one of the most successful stock photographer, check out how he utilizes his monopod in his daily shoots.  Instead of going for a custom bracket like he does, I found the Manfrotto 322RC2 joystick head which allows for fast switching from landscape to portrait position via the joystick ballhead.  As for the second video, it is a full video review of how the Manfrotto 685B works with the Canon G10.  Check them out and enjoy.

Click pic to watch video

Click pic to watch video

Source – roygbiv0415

Awesome video covering the basics if you’re into being a strobist, a must watch.

Source – snapify

Just came back from my week-long photo shoot in Taipei. Before I took off for the trip, I took some pics on the gears I brought along and Gonna share with you all here. Because I was to do a full four days shoot with some local models in Taipei, both in the city and out in the countryside, other than the camera and the full lens series, I brought with me the mobile lighting equipments for off-camera lightings. Check them out.


Sony A900, Carl Zeiss 16-35mm F2.8, Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8, Carl Zeiss 85mm F1.4 and Tamron 70-200mm F2.8


Light Stands, Shoot-thru umbrellas and bunch of clamps and accessories


Sony F56 and F58 flash guns, Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter and Receivers


Lots of gels (from Photogels, LumiQuest and Honl Photo), Snoots, Barn Doors and Speed Grids (from Honl Photo)

Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter on My Sony A900

Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter on My Sony A900

Elinchrom Skyport Receiver

Elinchrom Skyport Receiver

Well it took me less than a week to decide on the wireless trigger system for my Sony gears.  Decided on the Elinchrom EL Skyport system and got it yesterday.  Put it on a few range test and the results were more than satisfactory.  Reasons for picking the Skyport  is because it is way cheaper solution than the Pocket Wizard which is not legally sold here in Hong Kong due to some stupid radio frequency/broadcast regulations.  For the universal radio trigger set (1 transmitter and 1 receiver), it cost less than HK$1,400 (US$180).  Got myself couple extra receivers for HK$790 (US$101); great bargain.  Way better than the PT-04 from Shamshuipo.

In order for the Skyport to work on the Sony system, a cable is needed and so far I only found these from FlashZebra.  It’s the Sony/Minolta proprietary hotshoe to Skyport and it also work with Pocket Wizard and Cybersync.  The price at US$46.50 is a bit steep but the construction is awesome.  Too bad I’m not good at DIY or else I’ll make myself couple.

Sony/Minolta Proprietary Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport

Sony/Minolta Proprietary Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport

The Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport Itself

The Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport Cable Itself

Wow, real disappointing results with the all new PocketWizard Flex TT5 Mini TT1 when compared to the RadioPopper PX.  The series of videos (8 altogether) indicated that the new PocketWizards only have an effective range of 120 ft. or so in TTL mode whereas the RadioPopper PX have 600+ ft. (another 100+ft. in manual mode).

Source – TriCoastPhoto

Now that I’ve indulge myself in the world of off-camera flash (blame it on Strobist), I’m now considering which trigger system to get.  For those who have been following me on this blog, I’m on the Sony/Minolta system and been using the Sony A900 for the past four months.  With Sony/Minolta’s proprietary hotshoe, it is a real pain getting anything from the main stream.

Well, back to the trigger system.  Pocket Wizard always been considered the industry standard.  Here in Hong Kong, we can get them but would need a foreign passport holder to do so for some ridiculous radio broadcasting regulations.  Price, as other countries are steep as hell for the PW Plus II.

Another new system that came out last year is the RadioPopper.  The system is so cool that it enables EttL, groups, ratios and high speed sync as well.  The down side is that they are not shipping outside of United States for the time being and that the new PX transmitter and receiver cost a bit more than the Pocket Wizards.

What’s left for me seems to be the Elinchrom Skyport system.  Am currently looking into it hard, googling every review I can over the net.  The reasons why I am so psych on this system is because –

  • 32 channels in all;
  • syncs up to 1/1000 sec;
  • 500ft outdoors and 164 indoors (though a third of PWs, still good enough);
  • price wise; HK$1,380 you can get a set of one transceiver and receiver and additional receivers cost HK$790.  Better yet, if you’re thinking about getting the Elinchrom RXBi 500 To Go Set (HK$11,000), one of the best deal studio strobes on the market IMHO, you’ll get the transceiver for free.

Will update more here once I decided on what I’m getting, so stay tuned.