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Date & Time:
07/01/2011 – 12/01/2011  From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 

《號外》雜誌二零一一年踏入三十五周年誌慶。多年來,《號外》積極推動香港文化及啟迪社會的創意, 一月我們將舉辦文化界盛事「創想生活節」,當中《影像都市》攝影展是揭幕重頭活動,這個攝影展以城市影像生活紀錄作為主題,展覽將展示來自專業攝影師、視覺藝術/跨媒體創作、演藝界知名人士等多個界別的攝影作品。

VENUE: 4/F Pao Galleries
TICKETING INFO: Free Admission
INFORMATION: Programme information provided by: 《號外》雜誌

Meet the Artist at the Opening Reception on Dec 16, 7-9pm, Everybody is Welcome!

Start Time: Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2:30pm
End Time: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:30pm
Venue: Culture Club, 15, Elgin St.(lower), Soho, Central, Hong Kong

All the way from a place called “The Wirral” in the North West of England(about 10 miles north of Chester), Andrew Cattrell came to Hong Kong over 20 years ago and was immediately fascinated by the striking architecture of the city. Initially working as a computer draughtsman on projects that included the Exhibition Centre, the Hang Seng Bank and the HSBC building, he went on to study Interior Design. During this time he developed his skills in Photoshop, discovering the benefits of creating composite elevations and perspectives as well as the general power of the program. His skills eventually surpassed the needs of interior design and led to his current passion. In the bustle of city life we don’t always find the time to notice and appreciate the beautiful architecture that surrounds us.

His aim with this project is to give a fresh perspective to iconic buildings of the Hong Kong skyline and inspire us to look again.

You can see his work here,

Image from Schoeni Art Gallery

Image from Schoeni Art Gallery

Vernissage: 5 September 2009, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Exhibition Continues: 6 September 2009 – 21 September 2009

Venue: Main Gallery, 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

Schoeni Art Gallery is proud to present art photos by Karl Lagerfeld in collaboration with Baystar Hong Kong Photo Production. The charity exhibition will feature a limited collection of 45 art photos produced by Karl Lagerfeld and Adnan Taletovich – a professional fashion model and photographer – for the very first time in Hong Kong and Asia. Adnan Taletovich has collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld in numerous photo shoots for Karl Lagerfeld’s men’s clothing campaign and “Photo KL” perfume. This rare photograph collection not only features familiar faces of world renowned models such as Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen and Patricia Velasquez, but also reflects the artistic style and mastery of a great designer and artist – Karl Lagerfeld.

Many of the images in the collection were shot at Karl Lagerfeld’s residences in Paris and Monte Carlo, in the 1990’s. The images embrace an extravagant mystery quality with ultimate elegance and sophistication, which echoes the power and poise so distinctive of Karl. In one of the street scenes work, the production team managed to get a street closed for shooting in the Le Marais district in Paris. The almost theatrical scene aims to relive 19th century with Kristen McMenamy dressed in the typical androgynous style. A few of the works in the collection also reveal off-scene jovial moments captured through the eyes of Karl Lagerfeld, including one with Helena Christensen playfully pulling off Adnan Taletovich’s towel.

Source – Schoeni Art Gallery

「光影樓情」圖片及錄像展覽由香港房屋委員會舉辦,希望透過三位本地攝影師黃勤帶、謝至德及蔡旭威的攝影作品以及三齣 錄像影片,展現歷史悠久的石硤尾邨、蘇屋邨和牛頭角下邨的文化風貌,以及居民對屋邨的深厚感情。一張張精彩的照片,一連串居民的訪問片段,帶領市民重新去 感受或回味舊式公共屋邨的獨有文化、人情。

活動全部免費,時間表及詳情, please click the following link,


Date – 12 to 16 June 2009

Venue – Park Court, Level 1, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway


3+3 Photo Exhibition_press


3 winners of the International Abilympics photography competition, together with 3 professional photographers, will present their personal perspectives on Heaven, Earth & People with creative and passionate photos.


Exhibition Date: 15th to 24th June 2009


Venue: Hong Kong Central Library – Exhibition Gallery 1

展覽時間 Exhibition Time


4pm – 8pm



9am – 8pm

16 – 23.6.2009


9am – 5pm



Participating Artists: Picasso CHANG, Jack LI, Stanley LO, Roger WAN, Alain YIP, Leocampo YUEN

展覽顧問 Exhibition Consultant 葉青霖 Alain YIP

策展人 Curator阮漢威 Leocampo YUEN

開幕禮 Opening Ceremony

日期 Date15.6.2009 (星期一 Monday)

時間 Time:下午4 4pm

附設手語傳譯 Sign interpretation available

主禮嘉賓 Officiating Guests

周達明太平紳士 康樂及文化事務署署長

Mr. Thomas CHOW Tat-ming, JP Director of Leisure and Cultural Services

馬登夫人, BBS, MBE, 太平紳士 馬登基金主席

Mrs. Anna MARDEN, BBS, MBE, JP Chairperson of Marden Foundation Limited

林彩珠女士 香港展能藝術會主席

Ms. Ida LAM Choi-chu Chairperson of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

導賞團Guided Tours

日期 Date / 時間 Time

15.6.2009 (星期一 Monday)



20.6.2009 (星期六Saturday)



地點Venue:香港中央圖書館展覽館一 Hong Kong Central Library – Exhibition Gallery 1

免費入場 Free Admission / 附設手語傳譯 Sign interpretation available

交流座談會 Sharing Seminar

日期 Date20.6.2009

時間 Time:下午3時半至5時半 3:30 – 5:30pm

地點Venue:香港中央圖書館 – 1號活動室 Hong Kong Central Library – Activity Room 1

免費入場 Free Admission / 附設手語傳譯 Sign interpretation available

座位先到先得,敬請致電2855 9548留座。First come, first served. Please call 2855 9548 for seat reservation.

Host: 光影作坊 Lumenvisum
Type: Music/Arts – Exhibit
Network: Global
Start Time: Friday, May 29, 2009 at 11:00am
End Time: Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 7:00pm
Location: 賽馬會創意藝術中心﹣光影作坊, JCCAC L2-13,JCCAC L3 Gallery
Street: 石峽尾白田街三十號, 30 Pak Tin Street,
Phone: 85231779159


《阻抗的表演》的四十多件作品讓我們看到中國二十多年來的突變,也看到攝影師二十多年來對自身作為攝影師的反省、矛盾 、 困惑,以至對攝影本身仍然堅守的期望。憶述震憾性的事件的同時還可以討論甚麼?當年要求攝影求真,在今天的數碼年頭,是否留於一種不合時兒的現實主義? 當年自覺在通過攝影參與建構真相,今天能否避免成為造假的同謀?
這二十年間,這十一位攝影師或遠或近地繼續到中國大陸工作, 有的說它有病,有的說它荒誕,也有的說它才不過是個老板。對國家作為家國的想像,既近又遠,有時龐大,有時割裂。

謝明莊 :「當年被拒入境對我困擾很大,本來想在國內做的事情做不到,失去了熱情和主動。」
黃勤帶 :「這件事情還未完。」

Source – HK LFC

Image from Culture Club

Image from Culture Club

Every single day we are busy with our work, our study, our own business. We don’t have enough time for our family, friends and the ones we love. How can we take the time to care about everything around us? Should we stop for a while & look around?

Life isn’t always normal, as long as we keep using our imagination, finding and discovering new things in it, then insisting to make imagination comes true, we’ll realize life is full of surprises….

I never used my heart to appreciate the beauty of the world, before I started taking pictures with cameras. After that, I loved to go everywhere for taking photographs of everything, I discovered everything around me was so interesting, unique and beautiful, just as the Art works, I need to capture the moment. If I miss it, it will be gone forever.

Sometimes people gave me strange looks when I’m shooting something that seemed to be nothing to them. But I’ll keep taking my pictures, because for me they are valuable to capture. Some people love to write diary for memory of their life, but I love to take pictures, because it make my memories more real, everything shows up again!

I’m not good at expressing myself, but the pictures will allow me to meet a lot of friends from different countries and they’ll know me more from my pictures. I hope you do so when you see my exhibition, I love to share the world from my eyes with you!

Lomography has the golden phrase “Don’t think, just shoot!” But I hope you’re not thinking that way, because I took all my pictures with my heart. So Lomography isn’t just about snap shots only… that’s another point I want to make in this exhibition.

Molko Chan

For more info, check out Culture Club’s Facebook page here or their website,

Exhibition starts 11 May to 6 June 2009

Venue:15 Elgin St.(lower), Soho, Central

Map to Culture Club

Map to Culture Club

Source – Culture Club

The New Story  of Lei Feng(X guided tour)Source –

red-crossClick pic for larger image.