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Author Peter iNova brings years of motion and still photography experience to the production of Photoshop Actions. The complete iNovaFX collection of CS5 Actions are include, ready to be loaded into your copy of Photoshop where they can work their magic to amplify your images.

ACTIONS! PS CS5 eBook package (US$25) includes:

Interactive eBook – 284 pages with interactive features customized for iPad, laptop and desktop reading wherever you are.

700+ Actions – Original iNovaFX Actions that expand on Photoshop CS5’s existing tools.

8 Chapters – Filter Effects, Borders, Repairs, Enhancements, Artistic Conversions and more.

Ultra Resolution Viewing over 500% on your computer or iPad screen—pixel-free.

Actions for Movies — A wole chapter on new Actions for use with HD movie clips using Photoshop Extended CS5 (50+ movie Actions).

Photoshop Actions Included – 101 folders of completely original Actions ready to be used in Photoshop CS5. (Many work in Cs3/4).

Adobe Reader Viewing Software weblocs included for Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux.

Live Hyperlinks to cross references and Internet resources give instant access to examples, accessories and updated pages.

Get your copy from this link,

Source – GM Books

Adobe announced that the new Creative Suite 5 will be unveiled on 12 April 2010.  Here’s a sneak peak video on one of the newest function, the “content aware” fill tool.  This really blows my mind away.


From Art Snob Solutions

Great series demonstrating what photoshop would be like in real life. This is all life size. Check them out on Art Snob Solutions’ Flickr Album here. (Click to see full size pic)

Just when I’m getting the hang of Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe rolled out the new CS4 Suite….. gee, Adobe is upgrading as fast as Canon these days.  Well, what’s new in the Photoshop CS4 one would ask.  To get a brief idea, check out An overview of all the new features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Philip Andrews over at

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