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Source – UT4Bony

This is absolutely hilarious.

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Source – JoeyLawrence

Awesome video covering the basics if you’re into being a strobist, a must watch.

Source – snapify

Available 1 May 2009, more after the jump.

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Nice video, take a look.

Source – Marc Silber

Wow, Panasonic is really at it.  Following last year’s Lumix G1, they came up with yet another new model, the micro Four Thirds Lumix GH1 which allows one to shoot HD movies at 1080 and 720 formats.  Panasonic is also coming out with an optional adaptor that allows users to use the Leica lenses.  Sweet.  Love the size.

Source – WhatDigitalCamera

Ever since I started photography, I’ve been watching tons of these how-tos video on YouTube and Mark Wallace’s Digital Photography 1 on 1 (from SnapFactory) have always been my favorite.  Couple weeks ago, Mark did a Twitter Interactive shoot showing all the ropes in setting up a 35 by 35 feet set, the lights and showcasing some nice equipment such as the awesome Profoto Pro 8 Air and the Profoto Air Remote.

For more pics on the shoot, check out their Flickr album here.

Source – SnapFactory

Warning: Now this is deep. Read the following questions before you play the video.

Who am I as a photographer? What is my voice? I don’t even know what it means but it keeps me up at night. What is my vision? What is my goal? What do I bring to the table that countless others have not already served up on this massive platter of visual polution we create each and every day?

Who am I? What is my goal?

This video is the most played across countless photographers’ blog the past two weeks.  The intro features a short babbling monologue from Zack Arias, a music photographer.  The actual video starts around 1:35 into the video.  The above are the excerpts from the first part of the video, questions that most photographers have. Now go ahead and watch it.  Enjoy.

Wait, finish the whole video, there are some silence segments in the video, just keep watching till the end.

I watched it a couple times and I am totally speechless.  Share your thoughts and your views for the questions asked in the video as each would perceive them differently and you never know, it could be helpful to your fellow photographers here.

Source – usedfilm aka Zack Arias

Great video featuring pics by Eyal Landesman, a great portrait photographer that specializes at theatre and dance.  For those who need an inspiration, be it in their daily work or stop motion video, this surely is a great video to watch.

Music by Oren Lavie.

Source – Oren Lavie via QuarterPastWonderful via Shroedinger’s Puppy